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ARE 5.0

ARE Exam Day: Your 5-Step Survival Guide

You've studied hard. Now it's time to actually take the ARE. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare on exam day to give yourself the best chance of...

ARE 5.0

What Should I Do After Failing the ARE?

Almost everyone fails the ARE, but almost no one knows what to do about it after. Learn tips and strategies for how to move forward after failing.

ARE 5.0

What Comes After Passing the ARE?

Congratulations on passing the ARE! Now you may be wondering what the next steps are. Discover the best tips to help you transition to career life.


What to Know About the ARE 5.0 Exam

What’s on the ARE and how do you prepare to take it? Here's an in-depth look at everything you need to know for taking (and passing!) the ARE 5.0.


In What Order Should I Take the ARE 5.0?

What’s the best order to take the ARE 5.0 exam? Here are some of the most common approaches and our recommendations for what order to take the ARE...

ARE 5.0

10 Pros and Cons of Being a Licensed Architect

From the financial benefits to the responsibilities that come with the job, Black Spectacles explores the pros and cons of getting your architect...


5 of the Best IPAL Programs

Get your architecture license faster with one of the five best Integrated Path To Licensure (IPAL) programs


NCARB Retires Rolling Clock Policy

NCARB has retired their rolling clock policy, moving toward a more equitable and fair score validity model. What does this mean for you?

ARE 5.0

What is the ARE?

What is the ARE? The ultimate guide to the Architect Registration Exam (ARE®) 5.0 and how to become a licensed architect.

ARE 5.0

Adult Learning and ARE Prep: 4 Considerations

Whether you’re a new architecture grad who is ready to start your career or a currently employed individual seeking licensure, here's what you need...

Celebrating Black Voices in Architecture

Black Spectacles is dedicated to amplifying Black voices in architecture, from Black history in architecture to resources for future Black...

Why You Should Get Licensed in 2021

NCARB reports licensure numbers down in 2020 due to COVID-19. Here are four reasons why you should take the ARE this year and get licensed in 2021.

ARE Live Recap: ARE 5.0 Study Plan

Create a study plan for the ARE with a Learning Designer, complete with a study guide handout and full instruction from an expert during ARE Live.

How to Get Licensed by Summer

Pass the ARE by summer with our Black Spectacles ARE Test Prep and our free ARE resources.

Getting Freelance Work as an Architect

Find freedom and get freelance work as an architect. We outline the pros of freelance work for architects and how to protect yourself in the process.

ARE 5.0

The Top 10 Tips for Passing the ARE

A compilation of all of our resources pointing to the most important tips and strategies for passing the ARE, from ARE experts and architects.

How to Find a Mentor in Architecture

How to find a mentor in architecture: when it comes to your AXP mentor program, look for a mentor with these 10 qualities and you can't go wrong.

ARE 5.0 Could Save You a Lot of Time

NCARB Releases test details and durations for the new version of the Architect Registration Exam, ARE 5.0, which will be available in late 2016.

The Secret to Becoming an Architect Faster

4 tips for becoming an architect faster through your Architectural Experience Program AXP (formerly the IDP) & the Architect Registration Exam (ARE).

ARE Live: Case Studies on ARE 5.0

This is part 7 of an episode of Black Spectacles' ARE Live podcast on the Architect Registration Exam – case studies, a new question type on ARE 5.0

Learn How to Use the FilletEdge Command

In this free tutorial you will learn how to use the FilletEdge command. It is part of Black Spectacles’ Architectural Prototyping with Rhino 5 and...