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3 Reasons Why Firms Should Sponsor ARE 5.0 Exam Prep

Helping your staff achieve licensure benefits both of you. Here are 4 reasons you should sponsor ARE exam prep for your employees.

There are lots of good reasons why your employees might want to get licensed. But having a fully licensed staff isn't just good for them—it's beneficial for you as a firm owner, too. 

But why should you be involved in getting your staff licensed? Here are the three reasons why your firm should sponsor the ARE 5.0 exam prep for your employees.

1. Create a Desirable Work Environment

By providing your team with the tools they need to pass the ARE, you can increase the motivation of your team and build their loyalty to the firm, which then reflects positively on the leadership team, company culture, and the company as a whole.

By sponsoring ARE 5.0 exam prep, you're also providing your staff with the opportunity to grow professionally and increase their chances of success in their careers. This helps you both retain your current talent at your firm, and also makes you more appealing to new employees looking for a culture they feel is supportive. 

A Zippia study found that 76% of employees are looking to expand their careers, and that companies that offer comprehensive training programs to their staff have a 24% higher profit margin. Employees in today's market are looking to work for a company they feel is invested in them, so making it known that you support employees on their path to licensure can make your more appealing than a competitor that doesn't.

Be upfront with the benefits you provide to your team when searching for new talent. You can attract promising new graduates and build your reputation within the industry by advertising that your firm helps team members with the licensure process. Knowing that they will be supported can truly make new hires feel welcome and excited to be a part of the team.

An environment that promotes learning is also an environment that focuses on job satisfaction and appreciation. Programs like test prep provision, mentorship programs, and software training all help take your team's skills to the next level, which is good for their career development and will help raise the bar on the level of work coming out of your firm.

2. Give Your Architecture Firm a Competitive Edge

When it comes to bidding on and winning projects, your firm’s reputation matters. If the majority of your staff is licensed, that can give you a competitive advantage over a firm that doesn't value licensure. If a client is looking for expertise, show them right off the bat that you have it. 

Sponsoring ARE 5.0 exam prep not only reinforces your firm's commitment to excellence, but it also signals to potential clients that you are taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of the competition. This can help build trust with potential clients and build your firm's reputation as an industry leader.

Supporting your employees on their path to licensure also means easing the financial burden of licensure for your staff. The cost of licensure is a huge stressor for candidates, especially one that are new to the field, so when you're able to remove that burden, you free up their mind and creativity to focus on other things. Having more licensed architects who feel well-rested and supported on the team means you can take on more projects and grow your business faster. 

3. Build the Legacy of Your Firm

When you develop the talent of your own employees, you're ensuring the legacy of your firm. You're building a pipeline of talent that you can promote from within, trust with more responsibilities and bigger projects, and ensure that your firm will continue to function smoothly if you're not there. 

Your current employees already know your business, your clients, and what your vision is for your business—and they've already bought into it by some degree, simply by working there. By supporting and developing your current employees, you're trusting the future of your firm to people who already believe in what you're doing.

From a purely financial perspective, hiring new talent costs more in the long run than retaining your current employees, even if you do invest some money in their learning and development. 

Support Your Team with Black Spectacles

Once you've made the decision to support your team on their path to licensure, it's time to sign up for the actual material.

A firm license with Black Spectacles can save you 60 to 80% when compared to purchasing multiple individual memberships. You can sign up for multiple simultaneous users, and all our pricing is custom based on what your firm needs.

Since people take breaks throughout the year, Black Spectacles allows members to share seats for membership access. A superior pass rate for more of your aspiring architects means less time wasted on retaking the test, which means they can focus on utilizing their new skills to help the firm grow.


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