Train with Three Unique Practice Exam Forms for All ARE 5.0 Divisions

Black Spectacles has 3 specific practice exam forms for each division of the ARE 5.0

Starting today, each time you want to take a practice exam for each division of the ARE you’ll have the option to choose between three unique Practice Exam forms. Each form contains the same number of case studies & questions and is timed the same as the real ARE.

This update will allow you to truly test your knowledge of the content by knowing that you’re practicing questions that you’ve never seen before.

What’s a form? That just means that we’ve created three distinct exams with totally different questions so you’ll be able to truly test your knowledge.

If you’re further along in your studies for a specific division and have already practiced using all three forms, no problem. Take each form as many times as you like and we’ll save every attempt so you can see how you’re progressing. The questions in each form will be randomized every time you load them, so you’re still being challenged even if you’ve seen the questions before.

As we add more questions we’ll create more forms, so always be on the lookout for a new material!

If you were a fan of the totally random exam, don’t worry, we kept that feature! You’ll have the option to load a “random” form. This form will pull all the exam questions we have for that division to give you an exam.

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