Invest In Your Firm’s Greatest Asset:
Your Team

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A Strategic Choice leading to Employee Retention


Increase employee loyalty and retention.

Invest in helping your team get licensed, and they’ll stay at your firm 34% longer(1) - saving your firm $25k(2) per employee in replacement costs.

Licensure is a time in an architect’s career that we never forget. It’s devastating when you fail, joyful when you pass. After 6 years of school and 3 years of interning:- be the firm that helped your team get their license,- and they’ll never forget.

Investing in Licensure should translate into higher billings for your firm.

Licensed architects make fewer mistakes, represent your firm better, are more valuable to your firm and your clients, and you likely bill more for their time.

Investing $2,000 in one architect to get licensed, should generate a 10x return on investment of  $20,000(3) in additional billings in the first year after they become licensed, and grow from there.

There’s a reason your team is asking to study with Black Spectacles

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From cutting licensure time in half to earning recognition from esteemed organizations like AIA and NCARB

The AIA adopted Black Spectacles in 2015 as their ARE-Prep provider.

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NCARB launched their Approved Test Prep Provider Program with Black Spectacles in 2018.

NCARB approved all of BKS’ test prep materials in 2019 under this program. 

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INC magazine recognized Black Spectacles as the 11th fastest growing education company in the United States in 2019.

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AIA National recognized Black Spectacles as having a national impact on the profession of architecture by elevating our founder to the College of Fellows in 2020

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Start your team’s licensure journey now

Black Spectacles is an all in one solution that your team can use 24/7


You don’t need to buy other materials.

We’ve built them all: world-class study plans, video lectures, quizzes, practice exams, flashcards, live workshops and Q&A.

Anywhere, anytime you can get an internet connection, your team can be studying our complete set of ARE 5.0 resources, on both desktop and mobile.

Be sure your team learns and retains the right information

With our learning science backed content & platform, they will pass the first time.

There is a science behind learning.  That’s why we work with learning designers, curriculum developers, psychometricians and licensed architects to develop our learning curriculum, content and platform so that you and your team can be sure they’re learning the right information to pass the exams.

In one ear and out the other, no more!  Black Spectacles’ learning content and platform work to reinforce every topic up to 15 times so you remember what you learned.  Your teammates will walk into the exam with the confidence that they’re going to pass- that’s why our pass rate is as high as 85%, and our members report that we helped them save 1 year in studying compared to the national average.

Easy to administer group access and reporting.

Big firms, small firms and everyone in-between- we’ve built a group management platform that makes it easy to add and remove members, who can manage their own account access.  You’ll also get reporting that proves they are using this great benefit you’re providing for them.

Start your team’s licensure journey now

Here’s how the group licenses work

Group licenses provide access for more of your employees at a lower cost compared to purchasing individual licenses- save as much as 97%!(4)


Choose monthly or yearly pricing


Choose the number of seats for your license.

  • For example, with an Expert 2-seat license, up to 50 members can access your account, and 2 people can study simultaneously.  If a 3rd person logged in, access would become available when someone logs out.


Choose a license tier that aligns with your firm's needs:
Expert, Pro or Premium


Make your purchase


Add members to your group licenses, who get email invitations for account setup and to start studying immediately!

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Start your team’s licensure journey now


(1) According to MIT, employees who receive professional development from their company stay with their company.
(2) SHRM suggests that the cost to replace an employee is about ½ their salary, so a $50,000 employee would cost about $25k to replace in time and money.
(3) $10/hr billing rate increase x 2,080 = $20,800
(4) An Expert Group License with a 6-cap license, provides access for 50 people and costs $15,972.  50 individual Expert licenses cost $3,290x50 = $164,500 = 97%