The Best Resources to Help You Pass the ARE Online

A collection of Black Spectacles and NCARB resources to help you pass the ARE 5.0 online

As we all know by now, NCARB is offering online proctoring of the ARE. With this delivery method now available, there have been many clarifying questions around how to execute this within the guidelines. We get it, the stakes are high; you don’t want to study for a month to find out you’re disqualified on a technicality. So, we set out to give you all the resources you need to be equipped to take the exam from your home or office. 

Last month on ARE Live, we had three candidates who took the ARE online discuss their tips on how to find success with remote proctoring. They review what to expect when scheduling with your proctor, what webcam worked best, how to prepare for taking the ARE remotely, and what they learned throughout the entire process. Listen in to hear from candidates like you who have already gone through the motions. 

During ARE Live we engaged with candidates and architects in our ARE Community. There is a lot of ground to cover with these updates, so continue to check back and use your ARE Community as a resource to connect with others who are going through the same steps you are. We’ll be updating our threads weekly with new NCARB resources and tips, straight from those who took the exam and ARE instructors. 

In making the ARE available online, there have also been some updates to the exam. We always like to reiterate that NO content changes have been made at this time. Because we pride ourselves on having the best Practice Exams on the market, we updated our exams to reflect the NCARB updates

NCARB has a ton of literature addressing a lot of your questions when it comes to setting up your exam workspace, how to reserve a test run, and how to get your credit to put towards outfitting your space (yep, you read that right). Here are those NCARB Links: 

In addition to exploring those resources, NCARB has published some more tips to improve your online testing experience: 

  • Connect Via Ethernet, Not Wifi
  • Close All Nonessential Computer Applications 
  • Adjust Your Security and Network Settings 
  • Disable Your Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Make Sure Your Camera Uses Autofocus

If you encounter any technical issues, contact NCARB within 15 days of your exam. There are solutions to any and all variables in this process; make sure you've done the prep work, both technically and with content, and you'll pass the ARE online. 

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