How to Get a Job in Architecture

Industry experts educate on how to get a job in architecture.

Congratulations! You’ve made it to graduation. Your degree is freshly printed, you’re framing it and have it ready to be proudly mounted in your office or at your desk. Haven’t exactly secured where that office or desk might be yet? As always, we have you covered. 

We teamed up with AIAS to bring to you the next steps for seeking employment post-graduation, and how to get a job in architecture. In an attempt to consolidate all of the many valuable insights available to architects, we created a report just for you. Think of this as your how-to guide as you navigate entering the workforce (welcome to the big leagues, by the way). How to Get a Job in Architecture is packed full of advice from firm leads, the pros and cons of large and small firms, how to network, best practices for actually applying to jobs, and how to conduct yourself in an interview. We have so much material in there that we can’t even fit it in a list form in a sentence. 

Matt Dumich of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture says, “Picture your career like a dartboard. You need to aim for the dartboard, but not the bullseye. Make sure you’re going in the right direction. Work harder than that person next to you, and you could do anything.” 

To ensure you’re going in the right direction, make sure to continuously check the AIAS Events page and RSVP to upcoming career-related webinars. Back in February of 2018, we helped AIAS launch THRIVE: A Career Prep Program, an initiative that still has a presence on the AIAS calendar! Our original conversation is packed full of strategies to use to this day, so see how it can help you land your job and start your career. Take a peek below: 


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