ARE Live Recap: ARE 5.0 Study Plan

Create a study plan for the ARE with a Learning Designer, complete with a study guide handout and full instruction from an expert during ARE Live.

Do you have a study plan for passing the ARE? Yes? Fantastic, the following information will still be helpful. If you don’t, then we’re here to help (as always). In our December ARE Live, we spoke with a learning designer about study strategies for passing the ARE. These aren’t just tips, which are also invaluable and especially when they come from our expert, Mike Newman. Dawn Snyder, Learning Designer Extraordinaire shared her expertise to help you develop a study plan for the ARE that is specific to your needs and intellect. Yes, all during an hour-long podcast, she’s incredible. 

We know you’re eager, but before you dive into that episode, make sure to download our corresponding handout so you can map out your personal study plan for the ARE. Filling out this handout is an exercise that will aid in optimizing your efforts while you’re studying. During this process, Dawn guides you through proven learning theories that pertain to managing your motivation, managing your learning, and ultimately mastering the content.

Once you have your study guide filled out, you can apply that process to each of the ARE divisions. If you are having trouble determining which division to tackle first, take a look at our post on what order to take the ARE 5.0 in. We have found that scheduling your exams is a major motivator and a great way to hold yourself accountable because we know how hard it is to get things done without deadlines.

Do you want to bounce ideas off of other ARE candidates to see what their study plan looks like? Head to our ARE Community where others who are in the same boat as you discuss how they completed the exercise, and where licensed architects reflect on what methods they found to be successful during their journey. Sometimes knowing you’re not alone is enough to light that fire to start implementing your study plan with confidence.

Don’t forget to check in on our ARE Live schedule, we air new episodes every month (and they’re free). They range from mock exams, in-depth exercises, discussions with ARE and testing experts as well as panel discussions with recently licensed architects.

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