Our education professionals and learning designers spent a lot of time on our materials, and we're confident in the work they've done. So confident, that if you don't pass the ARE® using our study programs, we'll pay for your retake. 

Why are we so confident?


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We were the first provider to be approved by NCARB for all six divisions, and we're constantly reviewing our material to make sure it's up-to-date and accurate.

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Highest pass rates

Black Spectacles members pass the ARE® at substancially higher rates than the NCARB national average across all six divisions.

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Hands-on learning

Our Expert membership also includes access to virtual workshops, where you can work through the toughest exam topics in a group setting led by a licensed architect coach.

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A thriving community

You don't have to go at this alone. Our ARE® community is full of knowledge, support, and advice from your peers to help you pass the exam.

How to claim your free retake:

Step 1

Sign up for an Expert membership to qualify for the guarantee.

Step 2

Take the exam! If you don't pass, you can claim your guarantee right from your member dashboard. We'll call NCARB and issue you a seat credit for one retake.

How to qualify

Qualifications for Pass the ARE® Guarantee

We know you're putting in the work, so we want to help you out. To meet our guarantee standards, just meet the following requirements: 

• Be an Expert subscriber with an individual membership*. 

• Report all pass/fails in your member dashboard, along with the scheduled exam dates

• Make your claim within 30 days of the exam date of the failed division. 

• Submit your NCARB ARE® Score Report for proof of failure within the 30-day claim period. 

• Apply the NCARB seat credit to the retake of the division once you've met all requirements. 


If you meet all the requirements for the guarantee and still don't pass, we'll call NCARB and give you a seat credit for one retake.

Guarantee FAQs: 

How long do I need to hold an Expert membership for to qualify for the guarantee?

Individual Expert members must have an active Expert membership for a minimum of one month.

Can I request a seat credit after my subscription is cancelled?

Yes. You have 30 days after your exam date to request a seat credit, even if your Expert subscription has been cancelled.

I'm a firm member who's company pays for my access through a group account, can I request a seat credit if I fail an exam?

Currently, the Pass the ARE Guarantee free seat credit is only available to individual subscription holders. Reach out to your group account manager if you have additional questions.

Get your licensure over with, once and for all