8 Tips to Keep Calm and Pass the ARE

Licensed Architect and Licensed Mental Health Counselor discuss the best way to stay calm during the ARE.

Have you ever wondered why you feel like you are fully prepared for a test all the way up until the moment you walk in to take it? Either your mind goes blank or you can’t focus on what you know you’ve learned? This is common, and better yet, you can fix it.

In our ARE Live episode, "Combating Test Anxiety", we sat down with veteran ARE Prep Coach, Laura Crane, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Dr. Alyson Carr. Listen to their thoughts on how to keep calm in the face of the ARE for full explanations of their eight tips to keep top of mind during your studying process. 

Download their 8 Tips for Keeping Calm and Passing the ARE, post them next to your study station, on your refrigerator (do people still do that?), and sing them in the shower. 

One really useful tip that was left out of this list; the power of a community. Talking with others who are experiencing the same struggles and success can put a lot of anxieties at ease. Enter our ARE Community, a space for not just Black Spectacles users, but all ARE candidates to get together to discuss the ARE testing endeavor, get their questions answered by licensed architects, and honestly, an easy platform for like-minded individuals to connect.  

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