5 Architecture & Engineering Firms Currently Hiring

Best architecture & engineering firms currently hiring.

Scrolling through job boards for the tenth time today? Have your LinkedIn job toggle turned to “open,” but still having trouble getting recruiters to find you? We did some research and compiled a selection of firms with open roles for you to proactively target. 

These 5 firms have situated themselves for growth and are hiring in a range of positions across the country (with some recruiting internationally).

1. Cannon Design 

Bio: Cannon has adopted a “Living-Centered Design” mentality made to, “create a world where people continuously flourish.” In doing so, they’ve built an education and healthcare facility heavy portfolio. One notable work is the largest new healthcare project in North America, located in Montreal, Canada. If you’re looking to use your skills to influence the ways in which we live and learn, Cannon is the firm for you. 

Because we want to set you up for success, we got some insider information on how Cannon has been able to expand their workforce, and what they’re looking for in a candidate. Charlene Mlralgia, Director of Human Resources said,“From the outset of the COVID crisis, CannonDesign has been extremely proactive. We relied on our business continuity plan in advance and were one of the first companies to establish firm-wide work from home policies. This proactive approach helped us keep our people safe and business moving forward.

Our unique diversity of services has also helped us hold strong as a business during this moment. Beyond core architecture and engineering services, our Blue Cottage Health consulting team, Facility Optimization Solutions, Commissioning, Modular Design and Construction, Environmental Analytics and more can help clients in this moment. We are also fortunate to work with several companies and institutions still advancing exciting and meaningful projects.

We are always seeking talented individuals excited about design excellence, innovation, our Living-Centered design approach committed to helping people flourish, and making a difference in the world.”

Location: There are open positions in their offices across the U.S. and internationally. Roles range from Project Architect to Senior Mechanical Engineer to Interior Designer, with many in between.

2. Interior Architects (IA)

Bio:  IA is a global firm that is employee owned, and just as the name suggests, they focus on interior architecture. According to their website, “Our intent is to enrich the human experience, create wellness, strengthen brand and culture, and integrate technology as well as new ways of working.” They’ve worked on the Bacardi USA headquarters, REI offices, the American Express Centurion Lounge among many other well known brands. You could help shape their next beautiful creation. 

Location: Hiring for 25 positions across North America and the UK, the open roles span from Designer to Strategist and Project Accountant.

3. ZGF

Bio: ZGF is an international architecture, urban planning and interior design firm that was recognized as the number one architecture firm by Architect Magazine’s 2016 Architect 50, and has been honored with the AIA’s Architect Firm Award. According to their purpose, “We think beyond technical solutions to integrate beauty, materiality and craft into everything we touch.” If you’re someone who is looking for notoriety and accolades, history shows this is the firm to get you there. 

Location: Open roles include some internship opportunities as well as a Healthcare Architect and Senior Interior Designer / Architect in their New York location.


Bio: PGAL is an international firm with clients in both the public and private sectors. If you want a place to put down roots and grow in your career, PGAL could be the spot. According to their website,  “Many of our team members have spent significant portions of their careers with PGAL, working their way from entry level to leadership positions.” 

Location: Roles they’re looking for span the U.S. and include Office Administrator, BIM Specialist, Senior Project Architects, Interns as well as other positions.

5. Perry & Associates

Bio: Perry & Associates is a structural engineering and architecture firm that focuses on the entire design process with a balance between boutique and mega firm. According to their website, “Our firm is nimble enough to provide the personal attention necessary to perform quality design and consulting, yet large enough to provide outstanding service on every project.”

Location: Headquartered in Chicago, the roles they’re looking to fill go from entry level Staff Engineer to Licensed Architect. 

Whatever stage or phase you are in your career, there is a role out there for you; we can't wait to see where you land. 

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