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Master Practice Management with our free 30 day study guide. Including tips from recently licensed architects.

Practice Management is the newest addition to the ARE exam series, focusing on how to open, run, and grow a practice. Learn the stuff that your friends in Business School did and own the exam like a pro. Download the Practice Management guide below:

Download our free 30-day guide to passing PcM!

To help you feel even more prepared when you walk into the testing center, we spoke with David Robertson, owner of Robertson Architects and one of Black Spectacles’ ARE 5.0 Practice Exam question authors. Continue reading for some of his top tips for understanding this new division:

  1. Know your numbers. You’ll need to know finances, hourly rates, and multipliers practice employees. Know where to look for them and how to apply them.
  2. It’s all about the insurance. Know what kind of insurance based on a firm’s needs. Know the difference between Professional Liability insurance, General Liability insurance, and everything in between. Use flashcards to keep them straight.
  3. Winning work. Knowing how a firm could market, find work, secure work, and keep work. Utilize the case studies as a “mock simulation.”
  4. Check out the Handbook of Professional Practice. Some offices have a copy, University libraries often have a student version, or check your your local library for a copy. This combined with the video lectures will really help bring it together in a big picture.  
  5. This is BEFORE the contracts and contractor have signed on. Keep in mind that you’re not yet in the project management phase.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more day-by-day guides.

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