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Black Spectacles members report passing ARE 5.0 at a 29% higher rate than the NCARB average.

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Flexible & affordable study materials

AIA group memberships are available to chapters with as few as five testing candidates, and our resources can be accessed from anywhere, even if your members are spread out over a wide geographic area.

Black Spectacles isn’t just study materials—it’s an evidence-based curriculum designed by experts to help candidates actually learn the material and become better architects. 

All our content is curated and reviewed by registered architects who are leaders in the field, and our internal team of learning designers and curriculum experts read through all the ARE guidelines to distill the most important information for you. 


Support your members on their way to a thriving career

All our content is mapped directly to NCARB guidelines and objectives, so your members will be learning exactly what they need for the exam. You can use our materials as supplemental materials for any existing test prep efforts, or you can use them to replace it entirely. 

We know that everyone learns differently—which is why we’ve created a holistic  learning environment with different materials that work for all kinds of learners. And with a chapter group membership, your members get access to all of them, automatically.

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Group reporting

Manage your members and delegate access

Whether you're a large or small AIA chapter, your membership needs will likely change often. As a group admin you can add and remove users to your group totally on your own time, whenever you need to make a change.

To help you keep track of who's making the most of your Black Spectacles membership, our group analytics reporting makes it easy for you to see who's signed in, which materials they've used, and which exams they've reported passing. 

Even though all this information is available to you all the time, you don't have to go at it totally alone. When you sign up for a chapter group license, you get a dedicated account manager who can always answer questions, help troubleshoot, and be a resource for you and your employees to lean on. 

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