Site Planning & Design Mock Exam Review

Get the tools to pass the Site Planning & Design division with a mock exam of the ARE.

Searching for NCARB-approved ARE study materials? Look no further. In today’s podcast episode we discuss Site Planning & Design. Using a mock exam modeled after Black Spectlaces Practice Exams, we’ll cover ten practice questions related to this division of the ARE 4.0.

To help you prepare for the ARE, we’ll explore issues related to site planning concepts, site analysis ideas, and site details with architect Mike Newman. We touch on zoning code, landscape code, and more to help you feel comfortable demonstrating your understanding of the concepts & principles that will be covered in the ARE Site Planning and Design Exam. You can find the mock exam here.

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Since releasing this episode, NCARB had transitioned to the ARE 5.0. While this podcast episode still offers valuable ARE study material, we recommend checking out these newer ARE Live Mock Exam episodes with architect Mike Newman:

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