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ARE 5.0

Project Development & Documentation Exercise

Join us for a Project Development and Documentation (PDD) Exercise focused on IBC with licensed architect and Black Spectacles Virtual Workshop Instructor Marissa Yee

Project Development & Documentation Exercise 2022

Ready to pass Project Development and Documentation? Join us as we tackle PDD with licensed architect and Black Spectacles Virtual Workshop Instructor Marissa Yee.

This exercise will help you feel comfortable demonstrating your understanding of NCARB’s Codes & Regulations Objective 4.1: determine adherence to building regulatory requirements (IBC) at detail level (U/A). Be sure to go through the practice questions before pressing play and follow along for in-depth explanations from Marissa.

We’ll work through five scenario questions focused on using International Building Code (IBC) as a reference. You’ll get to know IBC while understanding the implications of different occupancies and construction types on building limitations. This episode provides valuable code analysis practice to add to your ARE 5.0 prep, so don’t skip it! You’ll also get to preview our Virtual Workshops, where we cover some of the most difficult topics of the ARE with real architects in real time.

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Expert tip: Engage with other testing candidates in our ARE Community thread for this episode and see what questions have been asked and answered.


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