Project Development and Documentation Mock Exam 2019

Get a free PDD mock exam on ARE Live, instructed by ARE expert Mike Newmans and Black Spectacles founder Marc Teer.

Project Development and Documentation Mock Exam 2019

Sharpen your pencils and join us for a Project Development and Documentation (PDD) discussion with architect Mike Newman. In this episode of ARE Live, we’ll use five practice questions modeled after Black Spectacles Practice Exams to review some of the most important concepts of NCARB’s ARE 5.0 Project Development and Documentation exam.

PDD focuses on issues relating to building materials, building systems, project specifications, and adhering to code requirements. ARE guru and architect Mike Newman will talk us through some of the nitty-gritty details you might come across in this division, including stairwell footprints, electrical outlets, steel framing layouts, and more. We will also use this mock exam to delve into strategies for navigating the different question types you will be tested on in the Project Development & Documentation exam.

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