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Programming & Analysis Mock Exam: Sun, Wind, & Light

In this episode of ARE Live we review a Programming & Analysis Mock Exam with a focus on Sun, Wind, and Light in honor of the summer solstice.

Programming & Analysis Mock Exam 2022

Want to brighten up your ARE test prep? In this episode of ARE Live, a top podcast for aspiring architects, we review a Programming & Analysis Mock Exam with a focus on sun, wind, and light in honor of the summer solstice. Resident architect Chris Hopstock is joined by special guest Omar Al-Hassawi to cover sun path diagrams, microclimate, how to design with the sun in mind for daylighting and passive heating, and more. With detailed explanations for five practice questions, this episode will help prepare you for any weather-related questions you may see on your PA exam. Don't forget to complete the Mock Exam in our ARE Community before pressing play and get one step closer to passing the ARE 5.0.

If your ARE test prep is benefiting from learning with a licensed architect in real-time, you can revisit all of our previous ARE Mock Exams on ARE Live , and we encourage you to try our Virtual Workshops, available with our Expert Membership.BECOME AN EXPERT

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