Licensure Stories

Licensure Stories: How I Passed All ARE 5.0 Exams in 4 Months Before My 6th Kid Was Born

Introducing Licensure Stories! We explore the personal journeys of architects who have successfully navigated the path to licensure via the ARE exams.

On the second episode of Licensure Stories, Marc Teer (founder of Black Spectacles) is joined by Jeff Head, an accomplished architect at Pivot North based in Boise, Idaho.

You’ll learn how Jeff studied to pass all 6 exams of the ARE 5.0 in 4 months, what motivated Jeff to get licensed, and how he celebrated once he passed. Here's how Jeff passed all 6 divisions of the ARE 5.0 Exam: Practice Management, Project Management, Programming & Analysis, Project Planning & Design, Project Development & Documentation and Construction & Evaluation. This is Jeff Head's Licensure Story.

Meet Jeff: