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How to Become a Licensed Architect

NCARB's Jared Zurn joins us to share expert advice on how to become a licensed architect. We’ll cover ARE 5.0 study strategies, understanding licensure requirements by state, navigating the AXP, and the upcoming migration to PSI test administration.

Becoming a licensed architect is no small task. We know the licensure process can be overwhelming, so in this episode of ARE Live we’re giving you the ultimate guide to getting licensed. We’ll share the key information you need to know in order to become a licensed architect, with expert advice from NCARB’s Vice President of Examination, Jared Zurn. We’ll cover ARE study strategies, navigating the AXP, and the upcoming migration to PSI test administration. This episode will also help you understand the relationship between state licensure, licensure boards, and NCARB. Add this step-by-step guide to your ARE 5.0 prep and start hitting those milestones.

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