How to Pass the ARE in just 5 Exams: A Discussion on ARE 4.0 & ARE 5.0

In late 2016, NCARB is transitioning from ARE 4.0 to ARE 5.0. Marc Teer and Mike Newman will be discussing the changes in this episode of ARE Live.

In late 2016, NCARB is releasing the new version of the ARE. Whether you are in the middle of the exam, or have yet to begin, make sure you are ready for the transition.

In this episode of ARE Live, Marc Teer and Mike Newman discuss the timing of the exams, how the exams are different, and some strategies to consider about which exam to take and when, depending on where you are in the process of licensure.

Mike Newman is an instructor for the AIA ARE Prep Curriculum powered by Black Spectacles, he’s an Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute Chicago, and he also runs his own architectural practice, SHED Chicago.

AIA ARE Prep powered by Black Spectacles

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