Become a Licensed Architect with the IDP and ARE (feat Frank Heitzman)

Join Marc Teer, Mike Newman and Frank Heitzman as they discuss the Intern Development Program (IDP) and the Architect Registration Exam (ARE®).

This episode of ARE Live covers what it really takes to become a licensed architect.

Marc Teer, Mike Newman and Frank Heitzman discuss education requirements, continue with a deep dive into the Architectural Experience Program - AXP (formerly the Intern Development Program - IDP), including all of the recent changes, and discuss what the Architect Registration Exam (ARE®) is and how to plan to pass it.

Mike Newman is an instructor for the AIA ARE Prep Curriculum powered by Black Spectacles, he’s an Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute Chicago, and he also runs his own architectural practice, SHED Chicago.

Frank Heitzman is the founding principal of Heitzman Architects, a senior lecturer at Triton College, and has been a long time licensing advisor for the State of Illinois.  

AIA ARE Prep powered by Black Spectacles

Mike's Recommended Resources to pass the ARE