What are Pozzolans and Superplasticizers? A BDCS Exam

Mike Newman teaches what Bentonite, Wythe and Gauge are in 12 questions from our Building Design and Construction Systems Mock Exam.

Pozzolans and Superplasticizers: Do you know what they’re for? Do you know what they do? Can you say them five times fast? You can learn all about them in this episode of ARE Live, as Mike Newman reviews the 12 questions & answers from our Building Design and Construction Systems Mock Exam. You can download this mock exam and answer the questions yourself, and then listen in. The questions will help you develop a strategy for how to study for the exam and some of the terms you’re going to see in this exam, such as Bentonite, Wythe, and Light Gauge.

Mike Newman is an instructor for the AIA ARE Prep Curriculum powered by Black Spectacles, he’s an Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute Chicago, and he also runs his own architectural practice, SHED Chicago.

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