Everything You Need to Know About Liquefied Sewage: A Building Systems Mock Exam

Get extra practice in with a Building Systems Mock Exam on today's episode of ARE Live.

Ready to learn the finer points of on-site waste disposal terminology? How about transformers types? And what does DX stand for? Find out in this episode of ARE Live, as Mike Newman reviews the 10 questions & answers from our Building Systems Mock Exam. You can download this mock exam and answer the questions yourself, and then listen in. The questions will help you develop a strategy for how to study for the exam and some of the terms you’re going to see in this exam, such as Leaching, Step Down Transformer, and Enthalpy.

Mike Newman is an instructor for the AIA ARE Prep Curriculum powered by Black Spectacles, he’s an Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute Chicago, and he also runs his own architectural practice, SHED Studio.

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