ARE Testing Order & Strategy

Refined your ARE testing order and strategy in this month's ARE Live. Learn the best ARE testing order and strategy from architects who've passed the ARE.

Could your ARE strategy use a refresh? Are you still figuring out what your ARE testing order should be? We talk with two esteemed architects who share their strategy for passing the ARE and what order gave them the most success in this ARE Live. Black Spectacles CEO & Founder Marc Teer speaks with guests Cat Heard and Jordan Reed who share sound advice on how to conquer the ARE based on their ARE testing order and strategy. 

One of the best ways to determine a solid ARE strategy is to connect with other architects and see what has worked in their process. Join our ARE Community to discuss ARE testing order and strategy with other ARE candidates as you listen in to this episode. 

You've determined your ARE strategy and are ready to start studying - congratulations! See how our study materials can help you pass the ARE. 

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