ARE Live

Women in Architecture

In this ARE Live podcast episode, we host a panel of female architects to discuss the unique challenges women face in the architecture industry

As one of the best architecture podcasts on the market, we know how important it is to amplify diverse voices in this profession. So, in this episode of ARE Live we sit down with a panel of powerhouse female architects to discuss Women in Architecture.

Our guest speakers will talk about the unique challenges women face in the architecture field, sharing stories of how they've overcome various obstacles in licensure and in their careers. We ask some important questions, such as, what do you wish you knew when you began your journey to licensure? Our panel of female architects also share tips on seeking out a mentor and studying for the ARE (whether you identify as female or otherwise!), in addition to action items for everyone in the field to foster a more inclusive and equitable space.

We want to hear from you! Share your story in our ARE Community and connect with other females in the architecture industry.

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