Construction & Evaluation Mock Exam 2019

Get a free preview of our Construction & Evaluation mock exam. Prep for the CE with this sample of our ARE Practice Exams.

Construction & Evaluation Mock Exam 2019

Shh, we’re trying to study for the ARE 5.0 over here! Join us as we discuss Construction and Evaluation (CE) with architect Mike Newman using a Black Spectacles Practice Exam. We’ll cover some of the most important CE topics including the bidding and negotiation processes, the role of the architect, and construction contract execution - plus a deep dive on pencil draws. Architect Mike Newman will help break down the concepts and principles that will be covered in the ARE 5.0 Construction and Evaluation exam to help you feel confident on test day.

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Pro tip: We recently gave our Construction and Evaluation study content a facelift with new Video Lectures and quizzes, so make CE the next division you pass and check them out!