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Construction & Evaluation Case Study

In this episode of ARE Live we review a Construction & Evaluation Case Study using a Mock Exam. Learn how to navigate Case Studies on the ARE with tips from our experts.

CE Case Study

Simulate your Construction & Evaluation exam day experience with a mock case study! Whether you’re studying for CE or just need some extra guidance with case studies, you won’t want to miss this episode of ARE Live.

Case studies on the ARE represent real-world architectural projects that require you to synthesize multiple pieces of information. These exam questions can take some practice, so we’ve developed an original 6-question Mock Exam from a set of construction administration documents. In this study session, Coach Garric Baker gives in-depth explanations for these never-before-seen Practice Exam questions. He’ll show you how to navigate case studies on the ARE, provide some valuable test-taking strategies, and cover how to put together a Change Order.

If your ARE test prep is benefiting from learning with a licensed architect in real-time, we encourage you to try our Virtual Workshops, available with our Expert Membership.


Head over to our ARE Community to join in on the conversation about this case study. It’s the place to get guidance from our experts or maybe even find your next study buddy!

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