ARE Live

ARE Live: Project Development & Documentation Mock Exam | ARE 5.0 PDD Exam

Join Black Spectacles and architect Marissa Yee to learn the best study strategies for passing the Project Development & Documentation exam.

On this episode of ARE Live, we walk through a mock exam for the Project Development & Documentation division of the ARE 5.0 . You'll learn about the PDD exam and we'll cover topics related to coordinating disciplines for center displays, addressing non-compliance issues in ramp design, meeting requirements for lighting and more!

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04:04 Question No. 1
04:56 Answer for No. 1
10:28 Question No. 2
10:59 Answer for No. 2
13:30 Question No. 3
14:16 Answer for No. 3
19:50 Question No. 4
20:48 Answer for No. 4
23:33 Question No. 5
24:34 Answer for No. 5

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