ARE Live

ARE Live: Construction & Evaluation Mock Exam | ARE 5.0 CE Exam

Join Black Spectacles and architect Garric Baker to learn the best study strategies for passing the Construction & Evaluation exam.

On this episode of ARE Live, we walk through a mock exam for the Construction & Evaluation division of the ARE. You'll learn about the CE exam and we'll cover topics related to understanding your role during the bidding process, addressing safety concerns onsite and implications of paying or withholding certificates of payment.

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  • 04:26 Question No. 1
  • 06:22 Answer for No. 1
  • 09:36 Question No. 2
  • 10:18 Answer for No. 2
  • 13:18 Question No. 3
  • 15:08 Answer for No. 3
  • 17:18 Question No. 4
  • 19:47 Answer for No. 4

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