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Group Satisfaction

Satisfaction or your money back


We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with Black Spectacles or you can cancel and receive your investment back within 90 days.

Qualifications + conditions:

  • The Guarantee must be included on your Expert-level group subscription documents.
  • You have paid upfront for the contract.
  • Within 90 days from the start of access, a minimum of 2 candidates will need to meet the following usage criteria and have tested for their respective division:
    • Attend 3 Virtual Workshops within 60 days before their exam date.
    • Master 100% of the Flashcards within 60 days before their exam date.
    • Secure 80% or better on a Practice Exam within 60 days before their exam date.
    • Submit NCARB scorecard upon reporting exam pass/fails on their Black Spectacles Dashboard.

Contact your Black Spectacles account manager to claim a guarantee.

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