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Master key terms for every division of the ARE

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    Our digital flashcards for ARE 5.0 combine the familiarity of those you used as a kid, with some pretty sweet features you’ll appreciate as an aspiring architect.

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    Flip through them like traditional flashcards if repetition is your thing. You can also customize your experience and make your own cards.

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    Review, shuffle, and mark cards as mastered. For those feeling extra motivated, each card links to a Video Lecture if you want to dive deeper.

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    As the name suggests, Digital Flashcards are available on any device where you have internet. Our Digital Flashcards are included in our Pro and Expert memberships.

Designed for future architects, by current architects

These flashcards cover it all – from what a “Gantt chart” is to what “SMART goals” are. All concepts, content, words, and objectives featured in the cards were hand-picked with ARE test questions in mind. We’ll take this opportunity to remind you, all of our ARE test prep materials are NCARB-approved and align with NCARB objectives. Basically if it’s on the exam, it’s on these cards.


Take their word for it.

I took two tests back-to-back, passed both of them, and then and went and just did one this past week and passed my final one. It was nice because I knew that if I had Black Spectacles, I’d at least sit down and make sure that I was studying.


Testimonial: Shannon Kindall

First and only NCARB-approved

Black Spectacles offers the first and only NCARB approved online test prep program for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. Learn more about our ARE Test Prep Materials.


Go For A Spin

Everything should come with a test drive, your ARE test prep included. Get an inside look at your dashboard and test out our Video Lectures, Practice Exams, and Digital Flashcards. We want you to love what you’re using to tackle the ARE.