What’s the Latest in Architect Education? 3 Considerations for Firm HR Managers

Keep up with the latest architectural trends and find the best educational offerings for both new and experienced architects on your team.

As an HR manager, you’re responsible for providing a solid foundation and growth opportunities for the architects at your firm. By keeping up with the latest architectural trends, you can find the best educational offerings for both new and experienced architects on your team. 

To push your firm’s employees to the next level and set them up for success, here are a few considerations and tips for providing the best HR support for your firm.

1. Webinars and Conferences

Learning shouldn’t just be about reading textbooks, especially in the ever-evolving field of architecture. That’s why finding webinars and conferences for your team to attend can really help them reach their potential and inspire them to stay with your firm

Consider webinars and conferences with topics centered around sustainability, smart homes, and outdoor living spaces. Since these trends are current, your team may have trouble finding in-depth information in print.

When you find a suitable webinar or conference, try to encourage the whole team to attend to keep individual architects from feeling singled out.

2. Mentorship Programs

Architect education should be more than just passing the ARE 5.0 — although that’s important too. The Architectural Experience Program (AXP®), developed by NCARB, is a required step for licensure in most jurisdictions. Since the AXP program is designed to be completed under the supervision of an experienced architect, it makes sense to encourage senior architects to mentor the budding architects on the team. However, there are different levels of mentorship, and more than one mentor may be needed to ensure the best experience possible for your new team members.

Not only will this strengthen your team, but it will also encourage your more experienced architects to keep up with continuous learning so that they can be the best mentors possible.

3. Software Learning Courses or Continuous Education Stipends for Employees

To be known for innovation and prowess, your team must master the software tools of the trade. With the technology available today, clients expect to see more than a hard copy blueprint and promises of a grand design. Cutting-edge design software can be used to create stunning 3D models, design automation, and more.

Offering learning courses or stipends to encourage mastering the ins and outs of design software will keep your team ahead of the curve. 

Offer Software Learning Courses for:


  • Adobe (Photoshop): Photoshop is a vital tool for creating diagrams and renders.
  • AutoCAD: This software has been around for decades, so learning how to use it and learning about the various updated features is a must.
  • Rhino 3D With Rhino, you can upload sketches and create 3D models of your design. Rhino documents the specs and offers additional tools to bring your designs to the next level. They offer several live classes to utilize the software. 

Continued Education 


This should not be a one-time learning opportunity. Software is constantly updated with new features and add-ons, so it’s important to keep checking to make sure that your architects stay on top of their tools so they, and your business, can continue to grow. In addition, continuous education is required to maintain the American Institute of Architects (AIA) membership status of each member of your firm. 


Your Next Steps as an HR Manager

As a human resources manager, one of your biggest challenges is encouraging your entire team to keep growing. Finding the right educational material will encourage your architects to reach new heights in their careers. 

Develop a Solid Career Path


Because no two architects are alike, their plans for success may be different too. While some members of your team may like studying for exams by textbook, others may prefer online courses. Take the time to discuss goals and plans on an individual basis so that you can tailor the educational needs to each architect and form solid career paths for everyone.

Provide Resources to Build a Stronger Team


While it can be true that creative minds would rather spend more time creating than learning, it’s important to inspire continued education. Persuade your team to further their architect education by directly providing hand-selected material that will help them reach their goals.

Lead Every Staff Member to the Path of Licensure


Even the interns at your firm are valuable to your team. The best firms offer a culture of learning opportunities and advancement. Be aware of all architect education requirements so that you can help everyone on the team achieve licensure. 

Continued Success with ARE Prep

ARE 5.0 exam preparation is vital for a firm’s continued success. Getting your firm to pay for the ARE test prep can increase your firm’s reputation and prestige. 

Start paving the way to licensure for your staff by finding the right plan with Black Spectacles.


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